What is Counselling:

By Janet Greenwood, Manchester and Glossop Counselling

The nature and purpose of counselling is to provide a forum where we can explore our innermost feelings. Every individual has a self-actualizing tendency, which gives us the capacity to reach our full potential.

Sometimes at certain stages in our lives, we begin to lose sight of what we truly want or need. We feel a sense of inner unrest, which can lead us into a state of incongruence.

When a we enter into a therapeutic relationship with a counsellor, we slowly build a framework on which we can safely explore our internal world.

For counselling to be effective, the counsellor and client need to be in psychological contact with each other. The counsellor must provide the right facilitative climate.  This climate would incorporate conditions such as, empathy, unconditional positive regard and congruence along with other values, principles and skills.

When these conditions are consistently offered and demonstrated by the counsellor and the client understands what is being conveyed, the client will feel enabled to begin to explore their inner-self. 

This is when change and growth begins to occur. We can begin to move away from the conditioned self and gravitate towards the true or organismic self.                                  As self awareness grows, we begin to realize that we have the capacity to put a positive value on ourselves, become more fully functioning and realize our potential.

In other words,
'The organism would have the ability to become all of what it is capable of becoming'. Carl Rogers termed this 'The Actualizing Tendency'

People access counsellors for many different reasons. Some may want to further their personal development or have issues that they find difficult to resolve alone. Some people may be in crisis; rape, pregnancy, relationship problems, stress, bereavement, depression, anxiety etc. Whatever the reason is, it is my role to facilitate your exploration of your feelings and issues.

Every single individual has the internal resources for growth and change when the 'actualizing tendency' is brought into our conscious, it happens when the right therapeutic environment is provided and the individual is ready.

By Janet Greenwood. 

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