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'I'm not perfect but I'm good enough.  Carl Rogers'.

 'Is it better to let someone walk away from you or walk all over you' ?

 'A successful therapeutic relationship is established with skill and experience. Empathy, understanding and acceptance are the catalyst for change and personal growth'.

 'Money can't buy happiness but it can buy freedom'.

 'You don't need to be experiencing mental or emotional distress to receive counselling'. 

 'Think about the people close to you who have died.......Now take a minute to imagine yourself having just passed away. You are now in your own utopia.                                      Who would you gravitate to first ?                                                                                            What would you need from this person and has that need been met by others ?              Take a moment to think about, what is it that is stopping you from trying to achieve it now? Has there been anything missing from your life ?  What ?                                                       Maybe now is the time to actively seek out that need and begin to live a more fulfilling life'.

'Think about the choices that you are making now. They will impress upon tour future.          We are where we are now because of the choices we made in the past. Even if we chose to do nothing' !


 'Do we start living only when we know death is coming'?

Not everyone we fight is our enemy and not everyone who helps us is our friend.



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